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Lead your own meetings, become a licensed professional moderator. 

You have probably been to many meetings and know how important the meeting leader or moderator is to whether the gathering will be a success or not. This course gives you the tools to do it yourself. You will receive valuable advice and tips that you can put into practice immediately during this tailor-made course.

Anyone who in any way acts or will act as a moderator or conversation leader at internal, regional or global gatherings or events.

- For those who are curious about professional meeting management.
- For those who have basic knowledge of meeting management, are moderators today and want to go to the next level.
- For those who have a management position and facilitate meetings.
- For those who work with events and want to develop your knowledge in meeting management.
- For those who work in marketing and sales with external customer meetings.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 10 people.

To increase the knowledge to act as a meeting leader. To get methods and tools to be able to lead and run successful events yourself.

Knowledge review, experiences and own challenges. Tips and advice and video recording.

On request

Online Teams or Zoom 
Or at a physical location TBD.

SEK 5,900 ex VAT per participant and occasion in a group.
SEK 8,000 ex VAT for an individual, tailored course.

If the course take place at a location outside of Stockholm area, travelcost will be included in the quotation.

Registration by email to lp@ppmeetings.se,

- In case of cancellation by participants, the fee is binding one month before the event.
- In case of cancellation from the organizer, the entire amount is paid back.
- Force Majeure, if the authority rules a ban or for some other reason the venue cannot be maintained for the course, it will be moved to another time and place. You keep your place - Amount paid belongs to P&P Meetings and was used for this new opportunity.

- A preliminary tailormade study on site so that you will have the opportunity to get answers to your particular challenges and questions.
- Morning coffee, lunch and afternoon coffee. If physical meeting.
- After completing the course, you receive a certificate as a licensed moderator.
- Evaluation and follow-up
- Lifetime warranty in support. You can call, email, get feedback, ask questions, whenever desired.


1. The role
- What does a moderator do and what does the role entail?
- In what different ways can you introduce others and how much space should you take up yourself?
- What responsibility do you have?
- How personal should you be?
- How do you start and how do you round off someone's participation?

2. The interaction with the audience
- How do you get the audience with you?
- Different techniques for taking questions from the audience, how and when?

3. Lead a panel debate
- What can be prepared?
- How do you get everyone to be clear in their position?
- How to get the audience involved in a panel debate?

4. Interview
- Preparations.
- Interview types.
- Question technique on stage.

5. The preparation
- What does the organizer want you for?
- Purpose, theme, goal, target group, venue, number of participants.
- Pre-interviews.
- Write driving schedule and script.

6. Stage presence - how to do it?
- Taking the stage and arousing interest.
- To advertise a speaker
- Find your own personal way on stage.
- To maintain attention.
- What role the opening words/conclusion have

7. Dealing with the unexpected
- What contingency plan you have if the unexpected happens.
- How you make the audience not notice if things go wrong.

Lennart Paulsson has a broad background from various leading positions in marketing and sales from Vingresor, NEC and SAS both in Sweden and abroad. During these years, Lennart has developed a good ability to work strategically in the implementation of larger, both internal and external meetings.

Lennart started his own company, P&P Meetings in 2009 to act as a full-time meeting consultant and moderator. Lennart has been a convening member of the Swedish Event Academy. He holds courses in Event Management and Moderator skill,  has written "The optimal meeting" and "Large Book of  meetings" and has produced several  own seminars, such as Big Summit Day and Big Presentation Day.


"Recommend this! I have taken this course myself and am super satisfied!! Lennart is a professional and generously conveys his knowledge with a calm, confident and inspiring demeanor. His rich arsenal of first-hand experience spices up education with a clear grounding in reality - so good! "
Marie-Louise Kjellström, Working Chairman of the Board at Novare Leadership Academy

"As a participant in a moderator course for Lennart, I got to experience Lennart's dedication and skill for the moderator profession. Lennart is very generous and shares his knowledge and experiences in an easily accessible and inspiring way. I can warmly recommend Lennart as a course leader."
Sandra Sundbäck, Communications & Sustainability 

"Thank you for the course! Really rewarding to discuss different details at different stages Useful, applicable with concrete tips and advice. Lennart has broad experience with many examples that are highlighted during the course."
Mia Liljeberg, CEO Ponteo

"I thought the course ran well, at a pace that was good and content that was relevant. I like exemplification from reality. The course provided knowledge and insights that are very valuable to me. I am already longing for my first assignment as a moderator. :- ). Lennart prepares for each assignment with precision, I understand the confidence and poise he radiates. He creates a captivating atmosphere with the participants and delivers an experience for the audience."
Ergin Özdemir, Divinity

"Very informative, clear and structured course on what the role of moderator entails"
  Lisa Andersson Tengner, Genuspedagog.se

"Thank you for an incredibly inspiring and very structured training. My respect for the moderator profession has multiplied. The time went by so fast. I would have liked to have had a full day but look forward to a possible continuation. I can warmly recommend anyone who has ever thought of moderating to take the course - you will increase your performance enormously.
Jenny Lindblad, Eliza Communication

Inspiring, structured, professional, educational and engaging. The course and Lennart as course leader show the breadth and depth of the moderator's role in a brilliant way. A great course - recommended!
Anna-Karin Lingham